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Apr 29

DPI Application Released

After many hours of work on it, I’ve finally decided that my DPI Summary Consolidation Application was ready for public release. Please click the link in the previous sentence
Apr 26

Fall Creek School District Ten Year Long Range Facility Planning

Provided via mail by Ms. Teresa Reetz. Thank you Ms. Reetz! On top of that, this link is a PDF copy available for download.

DPI Data Errors

I’m currently writing a program that will let me take in all of the DPI’s spreadsheet data, aggregate it, and calculate the state average and ranking for the five
Apr 20

04.18.2022 School Board Meeting Commentary

This will just be a bit of a meandering commentary as I watch the video a second time. I’ll try to provide a timestamp so that you know where
Apr 19

Fall Creek School Board Meeting 04.18.2022

Please forgive the issues with this very first recording. As I’ve never done anything like this before, I’ll be learning as I go. It appears that I need a

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Accountability Scores

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Westley Bennett. I am a citizen of Fall Creek, Wisconsin, and parent to twin eight year olds that are second graders
Apr 07

Tri-County Area Times Survey

As a denouement to the election, I wanted to post a couple of surveys that I took that were sent to me by Sean Scallon, editor of the Tri-County

Events Calendar

I’ve just added an events calendar to the site, so that I (and others that are curious) can keep track of all of the School and Village Board meetings.

Election Results

Good evening, everyone. Below are the unofficial results of today’s election, as per the Eau Claire County Clerk’s website: I would like to congratulate Ms. Kaatz, Messrs. Aylesworth, Goodman,