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May 20

Village Board Meeting 05.09.2022 – Commentary

Below are my personal notes for the Village Board meeting of 05.09.2022. (First five minutes) It is interesting to see people’s interactions with each other when they first step
May 20

Fall Creek Village Ordinances Snapshot – 05.20.2022

The Village of Fall Creek provides all of their ordinances to the public here on their website. This is excellent, and is necessary transparency. However, for the regular citizen
May 10

Fall Creek Village Board Meeting 05.10.2022 (video stopped prematurely)

As stated at the end of this video, I hadn’t accounted for the meeting lasting as long as it did, so this is roughly the first half of the
May 06

Fully Funded

Since apparently my posts are now being automatically declined in the Fall Creek Connections page: Why? Because our educators are doing important work, and they should receive all of
May 05

By The Numbers… Prime Metrics – FC vs. WI

I’m going to be making a series of posts looking over the metrics that the DPI has provided, and comparing Fall Creek to both the state as a whole,