Fall Creek Village Ordinances Snapshot – 05.20.2022

Fall Creek Village Ordinances Snapshot – 05.20.2022

The Village of Fall Creek provides all of their ordinances to the public here on their website. This is excellent, and is necessary transparency. However, for the regular citizen that is trying to find a specific ordinance pertaining to a certain subject, trying to browse and navigate these ordinances one by one to find the specific appropriate ordinance can be… challenging. That’s why I also think it’s important that these ordinances be combined as well into a single, searchable document.

I have provided such a document below. Now, keep in mind that this document is a “snapshot in time” of the Village Ordinances at the moment that I downloaded and merged the individual PDFs. Ideally, the Village would also perform these steps and provide a merged document on their website alongside the “navigatable” individual PDFs whenever any single change is made to any of the ordinances. I will shortly contact Tim Raap and Jared McKee to request and see if this service can be provided.

For reference, the merging of PDFs is a service that’s provided online for free by Adobe, the original creators of the PDF file format. You can find that merge functionality here. I literally just downloaded the individual files and then pushed them onto their website to get the final product below. It took me longer to download the individual files one by one, than it took to merge them, by far.

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