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Fall Creek Village Board of Trustees Documentation Round-Up – May and June

In my ongoing effort for greater governmental transparency, I’ve requested the “Info Packets” that the Board of Trustees have access to during their meeting, for the months of May and June. I will keep requesting these as time goes on and keep posting them for as long as I can.

These are packets that in my opinion the Village should have prepared, finalized, and released to the public freely at least 72 hours before any board meeting. Otherwise, how will the citizenry have the knowledge to make informed decisions and comments regarding what subjects the board will be addressing? The “Agenda” is insufficient to this purpose, in my opinion. It’s a scaffolding, that’s missing all of the meat and details that the Board looks over during every meeting. Often times, those details are referenced by page to the Board members, who all look it over while the citizenry can only sit in the audience and wonder what exactly they are looking at.

So, until we can change the laws to make this more accessible to the public, all I can do is to provide these, after the fact, to the public. I gladly pay the labor charge for Renee and Joan to do the effort to put these together for me, so that I may share them with all of you.


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