Village Ordinance Changes

Village Ordinance Changes

As many of you know, the Village Board is often times making changes to their ordinances. I’ve asked the board as well as Mr. McKee to provide either an out loud reading, or some notification accessible online so that the electorate has an easier and more convenient means to inspect these changes between the first and second readings, so as to give the public a chance to respond at the next meeting before the second reading is voted upon.

Thankfully, Mr. McKee has acquiesced to this request, at least in this instance, and provided the “first reading” copies of the modified titles on their website for the public to view, noting changes on the document in red. It should be noted that this release of information digitally is above and beyond the minimum requirements for the village, which by law must post this information in three public physical locations. (reference –

You can find those documents and changes on their ordinances website, here, at the top of the page:

Let us hope that this becomes the new standard, giving the public a greater input into changes affecting them. Thank you Mr. McKee, and Ms. Roemhild, for making these more easily accessible to the public!

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