Upcoming Primary

Upcoming Primary

Due to there being more than four candidates running, Fall Creek will be having a Spring Primary for the spots on the School Board on February 21, 2023.

I hope that I can count on the support of anyone reading this to show up on that day and vote for me to continue into the general election.

I’ll go ahead and publicly state here for the record my most important priorities if I got onto the School Board:

  • Transparency – People have busy lives, yet are still interested in the happenings of their local government. And I believe that they have a right to have such knowledge at their fingertips. As such, I’ve personally attempted to attend all of the school board meetings that I could and recorded and released the video of these meetings online for anyone to view at their leisure. I would like to make it policy that the school board choose to voluntarily do this, and to release it to their website within a week of the meeting occurring.
  • Accountability – the Fall Creek School District mission is stated as being “Committed to Academic and Personal Excellence”. Yet, from what I have seen from the outside looking in, barely any time at all in the school board meetings are actually devoted to discussing academic progress. Our teachers are doing the best that they can, and I’d like to help them to do even better. I will push to have academic excellence as the Board’s top priority again, and to include at the very least a short discussion on academic progress of the District and the School at every meeting. Ideally, I’d like us to use a “big data” approach so that we can view objective progress towards these goals. I’d like everyone to be able to see where we are, and where we are going, in clear and unambiguous terms. And us taxpayers should be able to see, at all times, just how well our schools are doing.
  • Dynamism – It is important that governments have both a constant churn and influx of new ideas, as well as to still maintain the experiences of those that came before. We need both youth, enthusiasm, and wise experience to be successful. As such, and to reduce stagnation, I propose what I call the “Take a Break” Act. Rather than setting absolute term limits, this act would allow sitting board members to serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms, after which time they are forbidden from running for another term until at least one full term has passed. After which time they may choose to again run for up to two more consecutive terms, repeating this pattern indefinitely. This gives others a chance to get in and get their ideas heard, while at the same time giving those with the drive and experience the ability to keep supporting our schools.

I hope that you can agree to these goals. I dearly wish the best for our students, and want to see them given the best possible education.

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