The Dream List

The Dream List

On my mind today, with the primary coming in a little bit over a month, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to see happen if I can get onto either the Village Board or the School Board. So, I’ve made a short “dream list” of what I’d like to see happen in Fall Creek, my ideal ultimate goals. Now, mind you, these goals are not my PRIORITIES. No, my priorities as I’ve stated in the past is to ensure that the boards are more accountable and transparent to their constituency, and that we continue to gradually improve over time. These are the “perfect world” goals that I have set, and I would hope that most of my fellow citizens would agree to these goals.

  1. The Fall Creek School District becoming the highest academically achieving district in the state, rather than sitting at 142 out of 420. Frankly, we haven’t broken the top third of districts for the past decade. I’d like to see that change, and for us to celebrate academic achievement more and more.
  2. The Fall Creek Pond as a swimmable recreation option. As it stands right now, it’s so full of sludge and muck, that I wouldn’t want to push my worst enemy into it. I’d love to see it one day crystal clear, and allow my kids to happily swim in it.
  3. Fall Creek having our own indoor multipurpose Recreation Center, similar to Chesterfield Virginia’s Mayes-Colbert Ettrick Recreation Center. That town has a population a little over twice as large as ours, and they have THREE different indoor recreation centers, while we have only our Village Hall. (I did have the words “dear little” in there before, which I meant sincerely, but my inlaws believed that it could be misconstrued as insulting, so I removed it from that spot), which is fine, for small meetings like the board meetings, but not so good for things like, say, small concerts, plays, art gallery exhibitions, and other such things. Come this spring, we will have THREE baseball/softball fields that sit useless for half the year during our more frigid months, while we have ZERO public indoor entertainment venues that could be used year-round.

Again, this is my “pie in the sky” list of things I’d like to see someday. But, I’m not an autocrat, nor a dictator, just the opposite. If my fellow citizens don’t want these things, then I won’t push for them. But I hope they do. These are just my hopes to help make Fall Creek a desired home, for now, and for tomorrow.

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