A Problem Solver Wishing To Build the Future

Who I Am

I was born in Dubuque, Iowa some 40-odd years ago. But my life was not meant to be a typical Midwestern upbringing. By the age of 2 I was whisked away to the coast, and raised as a Navy brat, moving from place to place every few years throughout my childhood. These travels instilled two things in me – an experience of and appreciation for people from all walks of life, and a desire to find a place that I could truly call “home”.

After moving back to the Midwest for college and completing my studies, I found an appreciation for the homeyness of the Midwest, the solid traditional values of family and community that I didn’t see as much during my upbringing on the coast. I decided to stay in the Midwest and build a life here. I found and married the love of my life Rebecca, and was happily gifted with my twins Abigail and William.

Since then, I’ve seen more and more that I’d like to help direct the future of my children, and the future of our village, so that I can ensure a happy and prosperous future for both my family and yours.

Recent Resume

IFD – Eau Claire, WI – Computer Programmer
(2019 – Present)

Create Software Solutions to meet company needs.
To maintain, debug and troubleshoot existing software.

GFS – Osseo, WI – Applications Software Developer
(2016 – 2019)

Work within a Visual Studio environment to produce applications to meet the
company’s needs.

Take in end-user requirements, as well as direction from upper management to design solutions to the company’s problems.
Design and develop database tables in an Oracle SQL database to support those
Work with the IFS ERP to extract information for use in custom applications.
Perform actions using the Autodesk Inventor API and the Microsoft Office interop to automate tasks and expedite workflow.

All States Ag Parts – Downing, WI – Software Developer
(2015 – 2016)

Work within a Visual Studio environment to produce AddOns and software upgrades for an SAP Business One application.
Design new processes and see them through implementation to improve business processes and efficiencies.
Develop independent standing applications to meet the needs of a growing business.
Develop a custom SQL database to store information that SAP does not natively store, including developing tables, fields, and queries to meet business needs.
Work with Visual Basic and SQL.