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Dec 01

Documentation Round-Up – School Board

With the permission of Dr. Sanfelippo, Teresa Reetz has been graciously providing me with a copy of the “packets” that the School Board members receive at the beginning of
Nov 29


This is a short post to release a pent up frustration that I have. This post may make me some enemies, but I will stand by my statements. Because
Nov 17

2021-2022 DPI Updated Charts

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has released (as of two days ago), the scores for the past school year. I am now providing updated timeline ranking which now
Oct 26

Fall Creek Versus… (DPI Data)

The last time that I released information from Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction (DPI) regarding the Fall Creek School District, I was met with some criticism that I was
Oct 12

Fall Creek School Board Meeting 10.17.2022

Due to a previously scheduled family event, I will be unable to attend the next School Board meeting. Anyone that may be interested in assisting documentation of the meeting
Sep 14

Village Ordinance Changes

As many of you know, the Village Board is often times making changes to their ordinances. I’ve asked the board as well as Mr. McKee to provide either an