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Feb 20

Village President Nominee Letters

It was brought to my attention that both nominees for Village President had sent letters to Fall Creek citizens. While I find it strange that I wasn’t included on
Feb 13

Fall Creek Water Rate Change

For all those concerned (as I was initially) with the rate increase on our Village water rates, I strongly recommend that you visit the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin’s
Jan 09

Fall Creek Village Board Trustee Ballot Order

The names have been drawn, and below you can see the names of all of the individuals competing for three open spots on the Village Board. I have denoted
Dec 07

The Pond – Eau Claire River Watershed Coalition Information

I’ve joined the Eau Claire River Watershed Coalition mailing list in order to better understand the challenges facing the Fall Creek Pond. You can join too if you wish
Dec 06

The Pond

One of my interests in the Village is the state of the Fall Creek Pond. One day, I’d like my kids to be able to play in the pond
Sep 14

Village Ordinance Changes

As many of you know, the Village Board is often times making changes to their ordinances. I’ve asked the board as well as Mr. McKee to provide either an
Aug 11

Fees and Documentation

It’s just been brought to my attention that the fee schedule set by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is not NEARLY sufficient to appropriately compensate the Village of Fall