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Sep 14

Village Ordinance Changes

As many of you know, the Village Board is often times making changes to their ordinances. I’ve asked the board as well as Mr. McKee to provide either an
Aug 11

Fees and Documentation

It’s just been brought to my attention that the fee schedule set by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is not NEARLY sufficient to appropriately compensate the Village of Fall

My Primary Ballot for August 9th

The State of Wisconsin, at https://myvote.wi.gov has a FANTASTIC app built into the website that lets you pre-fill a ballot form online, and then print it out. If you
Jul 29

Fall Creek Village Board of Trustees Documentation Round-Up – May and June

In my ongoing effort for greater governmental transparency, I’ve requested the “Info Packets” that the Board of Trustees have access to during their meeting, for the months of May
Jul 22

Board of Appeals Meeting 07.20.2022 Recording and Commentary

Below you will find the recording for the Board of Appeals meeting that took place on 07/20/2022. This was the first time I’d ever sat as a representative on
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