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School Board

My plan for the school board is:

  • Excellence – I will actually bring talk of academic success into school board meetings – for too long the sitting school board has been coasting on the past success of the School District. It has become complacent, and as such, our neighboring communities have started to surpass our own in academic success. I would like to reverse that, and focus the school board on providing the BEST education for our students. To make it once again the best in the Chippewa Valley. I will seek guidance from the most successful school districts in the state.
  • Focus – I will rework the school budget – our current budget is providing excess funds to extraneous programs that don’t actually help the education of our children. I will work to refocus those funds on actually educating our children. Right now, teachers are needing to beg for outside assistance to meet their needs. This is unacceptable, and I will fix it.
  • Accountability – I will hold the Board accountable to itself and its community – A successful government is one that contains a diverse set of viewpoints representing a large cross section of the constituency. As such, I will work towards fostering a larger sense of discussion and respectful debate in school board meetings. For too long Board members have been just “going through the motions” and acting as a rubber stamp for the decisions of the administration. This needs to change, and the Board needs to take a more active role in curriculum discussions.