Village Board

My goal for the Village Board is:

  • Life – I will work towards implementing policies that protect our lives from harm caused by others. Ensure that our fire and police departments receive everything that they need to protect us.
  • Liberty – I will reduce and eliminate unnecessary and controlling ordinances – as free citizens, we should be free to do as we wish, as long as our freedoms do not harm our fellow citizens.
  • Pursuit of Happiness – Refocus our efforts on building a thriving local economic community – I will work with local businesses to bring more success into Fall Creek. We should not be reliant on our larger neighboring municipalities for jobs, culture, and entertainment. Stop “Rural Flight” – I will implement policies and seek out solutions to keep our citizens and future citizens (our children) growing and thriving right here, in the Fall Creek area. There should be no need for us to head out to other places to get what we need and want. We should be able to build a self-sufficient community. We should not lose our children to bigger towns and cities.